About Us


Woodrich is a bespoke furniture design company. We specialize in crafting one of a kind, live edge pieces that are both functional and a piece of art. Our showroom and shop are all located in Williamsport Pennsylvania. We handcraft dining tables, desks, benches, and custom designs all forged from our locally sourced hardwoods.

We harvest the trees we use and mill them at our shop. We finish each slab or piece of furniture in a way that maintains the wood’s true character. From start to finish all of our designs are crafted with the highest quality possible. Paired with an expert level of detail your piece of mother nature will make memories that will last you a lifetime.



Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Each log we use is deceased or has declining health. We finish what mother nature started.

  • Tree Salvage

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Design Partnership



Nestled in central Pennsylvania the former lumber capital of the world our shop is where our furniture comes to life, each piece built by hand. Raffaele Colone and his expert team transform salvaged logs into works of art, all at the Woodrich shop. We offer tours of the entire facility to see for yourself how Woodrich brings new life to mother nature