Woodrich Live Video Process

The process of creating our hand crafted live edge furniture and wood slabs involves a lot of hands on work and craftsmanship. We start by cutting diseased or dead trees and bringing them back to our 100 acre farm and studio. The trees is fitched into slabs and sticker stacked one slab at a time. After that, we keep them dry and air dry them for years. Slabs are then kiln dried to kill any insects along with providing the wood stability. From these slabs, we build to your needs and either hand deliver or ship your new piece of furniture.

Forestry graduate Raffaele has a passion for trees and mother nature. He let’s each piece determine the final outcome.

We would love to have you come visit us in the PA mountains. just give us a call to visit 100 acre farm and studio. We are the real deal American Made Furniture from the historic lumber capital of the world.

“Putting mother nature in your home”